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Some blogs
   will encourage you
            to invest in gold
                  or fancy financials
                                  or the latest Ponzi scheme.

This blog
   no matter the stage of the business cycle we are in
           invites you to invest
                                            in your community.

As for gold, this is a constant. While the price of gold goes up in times of adversity, it is also true that it goes down, in "normal" times. What security does gold give? Not more security than any other financial investment.

For a small group of friends, I recommend you construct your own Mutual Assurance Fund.

For your larger community, I recommend you construct (Your own Yamy, your own community) Interdependence Fund.

When I mentioned this idea to Professor Modigliani, a Nobel laureate in economics at MIT, he shot back: "Businessmen are doing it in Italy!"

Gold does not give you safety. Gold gives safety only to gold sharks. Your community alone can give you refuge in times of adversity and in good times.