Do you share
 the aspirations of
 Concordian economics? 

Your help, in kind or financial, 
 would be most welcome: 

1. To rouse support for the following petitions that are now circulating on the Internet:

      2. To cooperate with Dr. Peter J. Bearse, Dr. Michael E. Brady, and Dr. Carmine Gorga on            the transformation of Concordian economics into econometrics. 

      3. To provide editorial assistance for the completion of numerous papers that are in varying            stages of preparation—as well as the following manuscripts: 

           The Political Thought of Louis D. Brandeis 
           America: A Tale of Birth and a Hope of Rebirth 
           Steps toward the Revision of Keynes’ Model 
           A Monetary System Based on Rights, not Privilege 
           Concordian Economic Theory 
           Concordian Economic Policy 
           The Rules of Civilized Discourse: Toward the Right to a Civilized Society      
           The Centrality of the Resurrection   
           From Rationalism to Relationalism 
           From the Age of Enlightenment to the Age of Entitlements 
           Toward the Practice of Economic Rights and Responsibilities 
           The Power of Love and Justice 

 Donate All You Can


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