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New annotation: The Economic Process -- December 2017 issue of JEL (p. 1642): “Expanded third edition presents the transformation of economic theory into Concordian economics, shifting the understanding of the economic system from a mechanical, Newtonian entity to a more dynamic, relational process...”

To Carmine Gorga
"sharp and persistent interlocutor -- one does not always reach agreement but the discussion is interesting."
-- Franco Modigliani, Nobel Laureate in economics, Institute Professor, Professor of Economics and Finance, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 5/1/88

Dear Dr. Gorga:
"I must apologize for my original skepticism regarding your claims. You have indeed written a major treatise (The Economic Process) -- an important work of original scholarship, prepared with great care and presented with eloquence and wit."
-- Alan Reynolds, Vice President, Business and Economic Research, The First National Bank of Chicago, August 17, 1978

Dear Dr. Gorga:
"Thank you very much for the set of proofs of your very-well-written book, THE ECONOMIC PROCESS... Eliot said that history has many contrived passages and convoluted corridors. So does economics. I fear I that I am Hamlet to your Fortinbras. I hope you succeed though."
-- Meyer Burstein, Professor of Economics at CUNY, October 18, 1978

Dear Carmine:
"'The Economic Process' held my attention throughout.... compelling style.... I cannot overemphasize the impression that I got regarding your apparently unusually broad background and your keen insight. Thank you for the opportunity to review the book and for the education and interesting experience. I am convinced that your book has the potential to transpose the field of economics from its present art form to a powerful scientific tool that can perform its vital intended function."
-- Louis J. Ronsivalli, Laboratory Director, U.S. Department of Commerce, NOAA, NMFS, Northeast Fisheries Center, Gloucester, MA, November 20, 1978

Caro dott. Gorga,
La ringrazio per l'invio del Suo volume del quale ho preso visione. Personalmente non avrei molto da opporre alla Sua esposizione, se non che essendo tutto il ragionamento basato su definizioni di contabilita' nazionale diverse da quelle consuete, non vi e' molto da meravigliarsi se anche i risultati sono diversi.
         Mi rallegro per il Suo lavoro e Le invio un cordiale saluto, Suo
-- Augusto Graziani, Economics Professor, University of Naples, November 22, 1978

(Translated)  Dear Dr. Gorga,
Thank you for sending me your volume, which I have perused. Personally I have not much to oppose in your exposition, except that being the entire reasoning based on definitions of national accounts different from the usual ones, one shouldn't wonder that results are also different.
         Congratulations on your work. Cordial regards, Yours
-- Augusto Graziani, Economics Professor, University of Naples, November 22, 1978

Dear Dr. Gorga,
"I would certainly like to thank you for visiting with me here at DRI Monday. After reading your paper ('The Revision of Keynes' Model') and discussing it with Otto (Eckstein), I agreed that your revision to Keynes' model is consistent, and would like to encourage you to continue your research.
"I regret that the press of our ongoing work will prevent our taking part in your research at this time. Thanking you again..."
-- Frank L. Cooper, Ph.D., Senior Economist, Data Resources, Inc., June 26, 1979

Fondazione Carlo Marchi
"This is to support -- strongly, unreservedly and with enthusiasm -- the research proposal, concerning effects of Inflation, submitted by Dr Carmine Gorga (Polis-tics, Inc., Gloucester, Ma. 01930).
"I have known Dr Gorga for about ten years. And I have come to hold him in the highest esteem, partly because of his demonstrated ability in economics, political theory and art, and partly because of the exceptional commitment he has made, against great odds and at great sacrifice, to economic research. I have communicated to him my reservations about his theory of hoarding; but this does not detract from the high quality of Dr Gorga's work or the interest of his theory. Dr Gorga's bona fides with respect to character, persistence, adherence to contractual obligation, etc. are perfect... The proposal is easily supported 'externally'.
"THE PROPOSAL ITSELF. I have been interested in Prof. Modigliani's work in this area, going back to my colleagueship with him at Northwestern University, 1961-2 and continuing over the years, including, of course, the work cited in Dr Gorga's proposal. I am strongly interested in the base from which Dr Gorga proposes to move. (Putting aside the immense, deserved prestige commanded by Prof. Modigliani.) I look forward to continuing consultation with Dr Gorga as the projects unwinds.
"Dr Gorga's proposal may be perceived as being two-pronged. The first strand of thought largely pertains to Modigliani's work; and concerns the important task of obtaining empirical measures of the variables of the theory developed by him, in collaboration with Stanley Fisher and others. The second strand of thought is original with Dr Gorga. The proposed application might, if fancifully, be called an Austrian theory of inflation: Austrian-based theories of the trade (business) cycle emphasize distortion of the structure of production rather than fluctuations of aggregate output; similarly Dr Gorga proposes to emphasize inflationary effects on accumulation of the various stocks (hoarded goods, production goods, consumer goods) featured in Dr Gorga's conceptualization.
"It has been a pleasure to endorse Dr Gorga and his proposal. I urge you to support him."
-- M.L. Burstein, Professor of Economics at York University, June 17, 1987

Egr. Dr. Carmine Gorga,
"As per our wire of 7/28/1987, the Board of Directors of this Foundation has examined your proposal after each Director received a copy. This is the result of an in-depth discussion:
"The topic of your monograph on 'The Real Effects of Inflation' would be of considerable interest to the Marchi Foundation if the framework of analysis and elaboration of data could take into consideration, not only the American economy, but also, and above all, the Italian economy... (Translated from the Italian by CG)"
-- Rosanna Marini, President, Fondazione Carlo Marchi, September 28, 1987

Dear Carmine,
"I am glad to see that you are prepared to start out with Italy. My only question is whether one can count on the needed information being available. Perhaps you need to make your commitment conditional on that information."
-- Franco Modigliani, Nobel Laureate in economics, Institute Professor, Professor of Economic and Finance, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, March 16, 1988

Dear Dr. Gorga,
"You are certainly striking out boldly in new directions and your work ('The Dynamics of the Economic System') promises to yield new insights and results. Our discipline can only benefit from explorations that approach the subject matter in ways that do not simply follow the orthodox methods... With very best wishes for your bold enterprise."
-- William J. Baumol, Professor of Economics at New York University, April 11, 1990

Dear Dr. Gorga,
"I find admirable your effort to combine insights from so varied and different areas of research into a new and fascinating picture. I would be most pleased to follow the evolution of this enterprise ('The Dynamics of the Economic System'). You certainly have a broad research plan to follow."
-- Michele Boldrin, Associate Professor of Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences at J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University, November 2, 1990

Dear Dr. Gorga,
"I have read your paper ('Broad New Directions in Politics and Economics') with the deepest interest. I am certain that your paper will illuminate the minds of many people who read it."
-- Robert F. Drinan, Professor of Law at Georgetown University, January 8, 1991

Dear Dr. Gorga,
"President Kirkland asked me to review your article, 'Bold New Directions in Politics and Economics.' This proposal is certainly interesting and contains many promising ideas. However, I am not sure there is any way to get from here to there--any time soon."
-- Rudy Oswald, Director, Department of Economic Research, American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, July 1, 1991

Dear Dr. Gorga,
"Thank you for your letter, and for your 'Articles' on Economic Rights and Responsibilities. They seem to me to fit our needs of today, when the political leaders are renouncing responsibility for the welfare of the people. I like the succinct way you have laid out important principles."
-- Howard Zinn, Professor of History Emeritus at Boston University, September 28, 1997

"Here are some comments on your papers. The paper on Keynes is brilliant. Has this been published?"
-- John C. Médaille, Author of The Vocation of Business: Social Justice in the Marketplace, September 25, 1997

"It was a pleasure meeting with Carmine Gorga, and discussing economic theory.  In our discussion, he offered important insights about the advantages and disadvantages associated with various theoretical approaches to economics.  He offered an incisive analysis of economic concepts, and some interesting philosophical views on where economic theory needed to be improved.  I believe that his insightful perspectives will also be useful in his work in community development and urban planning."
-- Gordon Richards, Statistician, January 1, 2008

From: Steve Kurtz <kurtzs@freenet.carleton.ca>

May 2, 2006

The paper was tight and consistent. It deals mostly with the "ought" rather than the "is" as I view human nature and history. I've no objections to the values and internal logic.

[Steve Kurtz is an investment banker]

From: Michael E Brady <mandmbrady@juno.com>

May 10, 2006

You have written a truly monumental paper... Only one very, very small minor point separates us. I feel your criticism of Adam Smith is too harsh….

[Dr. Michael E. Brady is a lecturer in the Dept. of Finance and Operations Management at California State University at Dominguez Hills and Fullerton. He also teaches in the MBA program at Pepperdine University and at Chapman University]

From: John C. Rao  <Dvhinstitute@aol.com>

May 29, 2006

I finally got a chance to read your text and it is indeed an incredibly original treatment of the whole issue. I have to read it again to understand some of the economic points, but the overall historical and moral treatment was immediately within the layman's reach and very impressive. Congratulations!

[John C. Rao, D.Phil., Oxford University, is an Associate Professor of History at St. John's University, and Director of the Roman Forum and the Dietrich von Hildebrand Institute]

From: Baumolw@aol.com <Baumolw@aol.com>

 June 3, 2006

Thank you for your stimulating paper. It is evidently full of stimulating and valuable ideas. Since I have not done any work on these matters, there is nothing I can add aside from my best wishes.

[William J. Baumol is Professor of Economics at New York University, and Professor Emeritus and Senior Research Economist at Princeton University]

From: Teresa Arnold <teresaarnold@verizon.net>

July 4, 2006

Have you taught? I think you have; you teach the reader, or make the reader pause and reflect on how beautifully simple life could be.

[Teresa Arnold is a professional social worker]

 From: Rabbi Myron S Geller <msgeller@verizon.net>

Handwritten note Aug. 4, 2006

Your objectives are worthy and I also share. The just distribution of wealth certainly is a biblical objective.

[Myron S. Geller is Rabbi Emeritus at Temple Ahavat Achim in Gloucester, MA]

From: Roger Gordon <rgordon@jeljournal.org>

 September 21, 2006

The JEL is not an outlet for new research…. Given the length of your paper, I would suggest fleshing out your arguments and trying to publish it as a book.

[Roger H. Gordon is Professor of Economics at the University of California at San Diego and Editor of the Journal of Economic Literature]

Dear Dr. Gorga,
"I find your article, "Understanding, Tolerance, and SYSTEMS of Logic" of considerable personal interest.... I am... very grateful to you for letting me see it.... I would want to show it to my students."
-- Mark Perlman, Managing Editor, Journal of Economic Literature, 10 September 1979

Dear Dr. Gorga,
I find your paper on "Understanding, Tolerance and Systems of Logic" to be extremely interesting."
-- Buckminster Fuller, November 15, 1979


Dear David (Wise):
Thank you for your letter of November 25 and the fascinating piece it enclosed.... Since I'm really supposed to be grading final exams this morning, I haven't had a chance to devote as much time to Gorga's paper as it clearly deserves. I do know, though, that I am in sympathy with many of the points he makes: e.g., on the inability to communicate across logical systems, on the equivalent merits of the various systems, etc. I'm not sure that I have as yet mastered the intricacies of organic logic, which obviously needs a lot more thought than I've had a chance to give it, but the basic proposition makes sense."
-- Charles T. Wood, Professor of Medieval History at Dartmouth College, 3 December 1979


The Economic Process ”… has the answers to universal poverty and the anxieties of the affluent."
-- Vincent Ferrini, first Gloucester Poet Laureate, Gloucester Daily Times, December 11, 2002.


William Gissy (“Do Merger Restrictions Promote Social Development?” “International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, Vol. 3 No. 19”; November 2013), pp.50-159 states: As Gorga notes, since the time of Aristotle economic justice was divided into distributive and commutative components where the latter represents the rules of justice applied to the exchange of goods. Gorga’s key contribution was to recognize the need for a third component, namely participatory justice.”


A Correspondent Who Wishes to Remain Anonymous (Nov. 14, 2014)
Dear Mr. Gorga
I=C, I love it! In fact, I think Keynes’s General Theory is incoherent without it… And what an abomination of Paul Davidson to press upon your book the scarlet letters I=H, and without so much as an apology. Augh!  Of course, Davidson, as the self-appointed keeper of Keynes’s (not Keynesian) orthodoxy, was perhaps not the best choice of reviewers.  Someday, I=C will shift from radically ridiculous to patently obvious.  I hope you get some of the credit.


You appear to me like a Concordian SocratesMiha Pogacnik, Speaker, Violinist, Visionary, Consultant, Artist, 1/6/2015 via LinkedIn.


Anonymous Russian Reviewer of EP:
My mark: 10 stars          
Hello dear reader. The book "Economic Process" Gorga Carmine (EN) refers to the category of those that are worth reading. The interchange is entrusted with a huge mission and it does not disappoint, but on the contrary provides an opportunity for further reflection. Thanks to the dynamic and fascinating plot, the book keeps the reader in suspense from beginning to end. Skillful use of visual images by the writer creates a fundamentally new, transformed world, energetic and saturated with colors. Harmonious complementation of conflict episodes with external surrounding reality, once again confirm the talent and skill of literary genius. The work is permeated with subtle humor, and this humor, being one of the forms, contributes to a better understanding and perception of what is happening. The relevance of the problematic, taken as a basis, can be attributed to the category of the eternal, because as long as there are people their relationships will always be complex and diverse. There is a desire to look at yourself, to compare yourself with the described events and situations, to embrace yourself with other coverage - to the fullest and widest of the soul. In the main idea, so much feelings and intent are so deep that everyone who comes into contact with him becomes a child of this world. Draw attention to the extraordinary and unusual characters, these characters noticeably enliven the picture of what is happening. This story is a kind of puzzle, set to the reader, and its logic can not be unraveled, until the very last page. "Economic Process" Gorga Carmine (EN) can read free online for an unlimited number of times, here there is also philosophy, and history, and psychology, and tragedy, and humor...


Yours is one of the most important messages of this season of words, not politics. Laurence Kotlikoff, Professor of Economics at Boston University Aug 24, 2016 via LinkedIn

Carmine Gorga (see references) is the only modern day economist who has concerned himself with these issues. He has provided an analysis in his Concordian Economics approach that has the same type of generality as possessed by Aristotle’s theory and aims for the same kinds of outcomes in terms of a dominant, very large, stable middle class.
Brady, Michael Emmett, On the Updating and Reformulations, Added by Adam Smith and J M Keynes, to Aristotle's Universal, General Theory of Economics, Politics, Civics, and Institutions (June 7, 2017). Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=2982921

February 27, 2023 on Academiia

Gyula Gyökér

Dear Mr. Gorga, I highly appreciate your long and heroic efforts to create an integration of social sciences partially trying to integrate the economics in some GUT. Your holistic approach does not fit to mainstream which is totally baseless and rather some apologism of existing practices to keep the anhelous patient on the respirator. So, I am strongly hesitating whether economics is a science or not, but your oeuvre is pretty promising. As you are sharply and tirelessly repeating, our basic problems are basically moral, intellectual, spiritual, moreover religious. I absolutely share your stance and do not believe that any institution like corporations, the state, the church, the Academy, the FED or the UN with the IMF, WHO, WTO etc. can or will solve any problem for the commons, simply because the existence of this institutions is itself the basic problem. One of the founding fathers of the EU Robert Schuman told that “Europe shall be Christian, or shall cease to be”. Now just we arrived in Central-Europe where my homeland Hungary is on survival operation mode already thousands of years. I, a 75 year old engineer and economist with wide practical and theoretical background very interested in alternative economic researches and practics. I am absolutely sure that your works are a great contribution to to the reconstruction of our collapsing western civilization. Now I am reading Rudolf Steiner's lectures concerning the "threefold approach to social life". A prospering civilization can not be maintained without a creative balance between the forever opposite fighting forces. The distroyers and conquerers should be humanised which is the main duty of the intellectual-spiritual forces. Tolkien's Middle Earth not an obsolete phantasy, but rather a corner stone to find a new harmony. Here in Central Europe I am more than glad that we have a spiritual brother overseas and I wish much health and more followers to realize your ideas.
Gyula Gyökér (gyula.gyoker@gmail.com)


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