1. Mr. President, Stop NOAA Now

Mr. President, there is a dysfunction in your house: While your Administration is making—at great cost to the taxpayer—valiant efforts to create jobs, there is an agency in our government that gratuitously destroys jobs at sea and on land.  Control it, before it destroys your job. For a quick study of some of the issues, Mr. President please consult 

2. Honorable Members of Congress, Amend MAGNUSON-STEVENS ACT

Honorable Members of Congress, NOAA is a runaway agency. For years NOAA treated family fishermen as criminals, and no one listened. Fishing communities have needlessly suffered indescribable damage to their social and economic structure, and no one noticed. Lately, a few distinguished members of Congress, on a bipartisan basis, have begun to ask some questions of NOAA – and NOAA is evading even those requests. When will the majority of the members Congress put a stop to NOAA’s disreputable actions? No less than a redirection of the mission of this agency will erase this blot from the conscience of the American democratic system. For a quick study of some of the issues, Honorable Members of Congress please consult